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About Us

an image with the sign of nurse praticioners business sign that is labeled as Angelica Martinez msn, aprn, fnp-c. The back round of the photo has the side body portion of a nurse in pinks scrubs sitting down in her chair.

Welcome to Angelica Martinez Family Practice

Located in the heart of Eagle Pass, TX, Angelica Martinez Family Practice is dedicated to providing exceptional health and aesthetic services to our community. Our practice combines advanced technology with compassionate care to ensure every patient achieves their desired health and aesthetic goals in a welcoming environment. 

a beautiful white complected woman with dark black shiny hair in pink scrubs with a phone to her ear answering a call.
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Our Mission

We understand the importance of your health and take pride in you choosing us to help you reach your health goals. Our mission is to provide and constantly improve on giving you the best family health care treatment here in Eagle Pass, Texas. We have worked hard to bring aesthetic services like body sculpting right to you so you can look your very best. Come check us out today to get the best health treatment near you.

Medical specialty concerned care


Primary Care

Receive primary care services for individuals of all ages. Our experienced medical staff provides routine check ups, preventative healthcare, and much more, ensuring your family's health. 


Symptom Check

Not sure what your symptoms mean? Our clinic offers thorough diagnostic services to help identify the cause of your symptoms and provide the appropriate treatment. 


Health Monitoring 

Stay on top of your health with our dedicated monitoring and management services. Ideal for managing chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, etc... 

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